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"I’m a collegiate triathlete, and broke my fibula last year.  I initially saw a doctor who wanted to keep me totally off the leg for 2 months and barely explained anything.  Feeling the need for a second opinion, I found Dr. Parker and wow!  I can hardly express how much better the experience was in his office!  He was kind, informative, and gave me steps to get back to training quickly.  He patiently answered all my questions (and I can ask a lot!) even though my appointment had been squeezed in at the last minute.


With Dr. Parker’s guidance, I was back to my extremely active lifestyle very quickly.  Not too long ago, I was able to race again with no limitations and actually set my sprint-tri PR!  Later this year I have plans to do my first Ironman and I have complete confidence that my leg will stay happy and healthy."

-- Jeff

"Dr. Parker was able to help me greatly with a knee injury.  He took the time to learn about my history (which includes 2 reconstructive surgeries on the problem knee), and hear about my athletic goals.  In one visit we were able to establish a plan of action for the current pain, as well as long-term recommendations to battle arthritis.  At 31, I hope to have many more years of active life on the knee, and am grateful to be under the sports care of Dr. Parker."

-- Garrett

"Dr. Parker is a Sports Medicine Specialist and has helped me greatly.  If you’re looking for an exceptional specialist, Dr. Parker will not disappoint. He is a rare find.  He is caring, skilled, empathetic, and confident. He advocates for his patients and gears his treatment towards the needs of the patient.  I have been struggling with shoulder pain for quite a few years and initially after examining me, he sent me for an MRI, which revealed that I had a full thickness tear of the supraspinatus and referred me to an Orthopedic surgeon. I was not comfortable with the surgeon, specifically, his bedside demeanor and out of discouragement, I was going to give up and forego surgery, but Dr. Parker did not give up. He was determined to pair me with a surgeon I felt comfortable and confident with and I am now scheduled with a surgeon I feel really good about and I know that I am in good hands with.   Dr. Parker’s positive demeanor and confidence is contagious.  He provides professional and respectful healthcare, and I am so appreciative and grateful to be under his care. I trust him 100%.  He is amazing!"


"Dr. Parker is always on  time, compassionate, empathetic, easy to talk to. Hands-down the most effective doctor I have seen for my knee issues over the last 10 years. My overall  health and wellness have improved under his care. As an avid recreational cyclist there is no way I could be on my bike or lead such an active lifestyle without his care."



"Dr Parker saved me from surgery!  I was already scheduled for shoulder surgery with an orthopedic surgeon, but another doctor and friend of mine recommended I see Dr Parker for a second opinion.   Within five minutes, Dr Parker gave a correct diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) and offered an injection into the glenohumeral joint, guided by ultrasound, that began the very long healing process.  I was terrified of an injection but immediately trusted him.  That first visit with Dr. Parker gave me hope I hadn't felt in months.  Hope is everything when humans are suffering.


I have enjoyed working with Dr. Parker for about six years now, continuing to work with him for whatever aches and pains come along. Although I am in my mid-50s and am not a star athlete, the fact that Dr. Parker is a Sports Medicine specialist is very important to anyone who wants to live life to its fullest.  The way he uses ultrasound to guide injections is genius.  I trust him enormously, as he has an advanced understanding of musculoskeletal issues, how human bodies move, and how pain affects us. 


I was glad to take my very active 80-year-old uncle in for a shoulder injection that gave him excellent pain relief and back in his beloved gym.  Dr. Parker shows empathy and compassion toward human suffering and his therapies are highly effective.  They offer previously unavailable methods of relief for situations where traditional surgeries and pain medication are not helpful.  He knows good physical therapists he can refer to, which is a necessary piece of the recovery puzzle.  He is a strong and supportive voice in living in compassion toward ourselves through healthy diet and exercise.  Dr. Parker is one of the brightest medical doctors I have ever known, and he has my utmost respect."


"I want to commend Dr. Daniel Parker.  I was sent to him after treatment at Woodland Hospital for damage to my left lower leg sustained in a five car crash on Hwy. 80. 


Please allow me to share with you what an exceptional physician Dr. Parker is:


I am obese.  Many physicians blame everything that happens to obese people on their weight.  Dr. Parker always treated me with respect and kindness and focused on my injuries.


There was some difficulty with arranging PT for me.  He solved the problem THAT DAY.  Few doctors care enough to proceed so quickly to help a patient.


He applied imaging technology wisely.  His use of in-office ultrasound was skilled.  Using this he was able to find an inflamed nerve and administer a steroid shot precisely.  This was a great help to me.


Perhaps the best thing was that Dr. Parker made me feel safe, which I was NOT feeling after being rammed by a Tundra truck on a very dark and rainy night."

-- Zoe

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